Post Hole Digger


Heavy Duty Bite

Our design partner Universal Augers has purpose built the RockyRoo Auger.

We use extreme duty tungsten breaker teeth combined with a tri flow pilot engineered with a cast Tri-Max cutting head. This is technology normally found in the mining industry.

RockyRoo augers are available in 6", 8", 9”, 12”, 14”, 16” and 24" dimensions.

Tried and Tested

The RockyRoo is a combination of many components all reworked for Australian conditions to cope with the maximum stress a tractor can afford.

We have extensive experience in all Australian soil conditions.

Our Patented* Curved Tail... It's a Boomer!!

It is obvious the RockyRoo is a product built to last. However, the real secret of the RockyRoo is in the boom tail design.

The patented boom tail design with its smooth formed high tensile curve is technology of this millennium.

Anyone who has ever tried to bend steel will marvel at the smooth line achieved in the patented curve of the boom tail. They will be further amazed when they realize that the steel is high-grade hi-tensile steel and as tough as it comes.

  • The pivot points are bushed with turret drawn bronze bushes, military grade fit and finish.
  • All the pins are machined and then case-hardened and feature cross drilling for grease points to lubricate the bushes.
  • All grease zerks are then located inside the frame to eliminate the chance of accidental damage.
  • The bosses that retain the bushes are also CNC machined to within .005 thou.
  • The drivetrain is an Australian variant on the proven Omni Gear driveline, the most popular gearbox in the world. The clutch has been computer matched to the rated torque capacity of the gearbox and is without doubt the finest available. This allows the machine its incredible capabilities in hard or extreme digging when most clutches would burn up or slip, and be hard to reset.