Cutaway Units

It is one of many configurations that can be had using the universal tool bar which is designed as a modular unit with all the necessay attachments and the skill to innovate will take care of all the weeding, cultivating, fertilising in the plant crop from planting to harvesting on a small farming operation. Tractor Horse Power requirment; -30 plus H.P.



  • Tool Bar - Length 5' (1.5m)/2"x2" (50mmx50mm) High
  • Tensile Steel
  • 1 Pair Roller Race Discing Attachments
  • 1 Pair Mouldboards
  • 1 Pair Stiff Tynes
  • 1 Mini In-Row Weeder Rakes
  • 1 Standard In-row Weeder Rakes
  • 1 Set Draft and Lynch Pins


  • Single Row Fertiliser Applicator
  • 6 PCS - 1" (25mm) Square Coil Tynes
  • Insecticide Applicator
  • Chipper Cultivator
  • In-Row Sod Buster
  • 1PC In-Row 7 or 9 tyne 5/8" (16mm) Round Rake